Crossband Node Repeater Linking System

Discussion of the upcoming Crossband Node Repeater Linking System
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Crossband Node Repeater Linking System

Post by technicavolous » Thu Aug 08, 2019 10:05 pm

Introducing the Crossband Node Repeater Linking System
(For lack of a better name...)

In an attempt to increase the range of the 147.120 Repeater I have started a linking system that has morphed into just a little bit more than a linking system. If you go to the main site you can find a series of papers I'm writing in an attempt to explain what I have in my head. They are cryptic at best - I continue to edit them as I define the system but they will give you an idea of my thinking. I will be refining those even more as I get the first nodes put together.

Here, we can discuss the system, its design, the parameters of its configuration and operation, its capabilities, hardware, and so on. As the headline infers, this is way more than just a system to link repeaters. Indeed, it will have some impact on local FM and possibly digital communications if its use is adopted even in the slightest amount.

The units will have two tri-band fm radios, one with a 5 watt amplifier. The audio is passed via a 96 KHz 32 bit subsystem. They will be capable of packet radio. They will have a Mesh configured wifi card. They will have temperature, humidity and pressure sensors. Some will be connected to other receivers such as SDR. They will be controlled by a fairly powerful single board computer. Some will have direct internet connection, others will communicate with the server controller via packet link to another node with an internet connection.

The system will provide
Repeater to repeater linking
- same band
- cross band
Range Extension
- Crossband repeat
- Simplex frequency linking
-- same band
-- cross band
- Digipeating
- Node interaction
- ?

While they are not actively providing a link (idle mode) they will be busy providing a myriad of other services such as measurement and beaconing. We have a server that will receive a significant amount of telemetry from the nodes that will be available through an API for charting and so on. I could go on and on.

Take a look at my CNRLS entries on the site. Discussion here will greatly influence the documentation there.


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