Meet DARAN, formerly CNRLS

DARAN - The Dynamic Amateur Repeater Area Network

Well, the time to change is always NOW. I've been struggling with the name of this system for some time now. Crossband Node Repeater Linking System is just too ... well, so too something hihi. 

So to play off the network ... we've all heard of a LAN. Many of us have heard of a SAN (Storage Area Network.) You know about your WAN and WWAN. Here, we discuss the concept of the RAN, a Repeater Area Network.

RAN         - Repeater Area Network
D-RAN     - Dynamic Repeater Area Network
AD-RAN   - Amateur Dynamic Repeater Area Network
DARAN    - Dynamic Amateur Repeater Area Network

This much better names the system. Maybe we'll change later, who cares but for now I'm excited about the new tag. The letters are easier to remember and its pronouncible. I like it.

Why another area network moniker? It fits. The repeaters in a given area are already communication 'nodes' if you will. They are designed for a purpose and work well at it. They are in their own way individual nodes on an unconnected network.

DARAN (formerly CNRLS) ties these repeater 'nodes' together 'dynamically' to configure extended communication paths. The links can be programmed to be static or they can be timed or called on demand. Dynamic

Each of the DARAN nodes are tied to a central server over packet radio and NB-IoT links using static IPs assigned by AMPRNET (  By controlling these interconnecting nodes we create a Dynamic Repeater Area Network capable of extreme distance reaching a higher density of participants.