Getting Started

Welcome to the 147.120 Net and IoT headsite.

This site is focused on the network activities of the 147.120 N4LGH repeater in Central Florida. There are two types of 'nets' that we reference here -

Net as in Net Meetings - on the air meetings directed by a control station and usually dedicated to a specific subject matter.

Net as in Network - hardware and software that connect systems together to support the group activities. This includes servers and IoT devices.



Wednesday Night Tech Net


Resources on this site

Support Ticket System - Use for all .net subscription requests as well as tech help.
Support Ticket Staff Login - for help system volunteers
Wiki - instructions on using each of the resources of this system
Forum - Discuss the various components and functions of the system

Links -
common list of all group resources

If you would like to help out with anything regarding the site or the Repeater Nets please use the help ticket system to advise. If you absolutely have to, send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Want an email address?

Use the SUPPORT TICKET system to make the request. Only requests received through the help ticket system will be processed. email is served through a commercial email provider, I am not ready to host a live email server.

This is a forwarding address at this time. Full mailbox accounts will be available on a limited basis.

Provide the following information -
Your call sign
First and last name as it appears in your FCC profile
Your address as it appears in your FCC profile
Phone number
email address to which you want your email forwarded
Link to your FCC Profile

If I don't believe you I may request that you send me a scan of you holding your drivers license with your name and address readable but your other personal information obscured.